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Generating more leads

Do you want to generate more leads digitally?

Winning digital leads means being able to gain new market shares mid- and long-term.


It means partly back to the basics with i.e. how to reach your customers digitally at the right time place.
Generating Leads
With 100 Euros for digital lead generation, how much revenue will I get?



We build KPI dashboards that give you the transparency about every invested Euro and be able to decide on the follow-up actions.

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How we could help in the real world

For an online supermarket, we went in three months from 3 high level revenue indicators to 5 meaningful KPIs in four categories: Revenue and Basket, New and returning customers, Visitors and leads per Channel, and Usage of the shop/website.

5 KPIs


Scale Content Marketing

Do you have enough stories every day for your customers?

"Content is king"? is the term Bill Gates coined in 1996.

With our expertise in Content Marketing, you can tell your products stories successfully and engage with your customers.

Scale Content Marketing
How shall we do this daily with the same resources and avoid disrupting our usual business?

With an anticipative planning which story shall go out when (for ex. in combination with the activities of your advertisment agency).


We provide you the capabilities to reduce the daily load of this (and the interruption of daily business) to a minimum.

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How we could help in the real world

For a media company we helped over 18 months to increase reach and engagement by more than 100% and a growth of the digital community that follows the customer regularly by more than 20%.




Multiply Customer Interactions

Are you digitally available for your customers where they want it?

An average person today uses on more than one messaging, social media, email, networking appand all of these on a daily basis.


To present your offers and serve your customers, a company has to be present and reachable on a number of communication channels. Additionally each platform allows to reach new leads and remain on top of the mind.

Multiply Customer Interactions
What is the effort to run all these channels in parallel?

A few hours a week can already be enough. We structure your available time to serve all these channels.


We identify activities to be automated to increase your capacity and we develop within your team the necessary knowledge to run these activities quicker and more professional.

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How we could help in the real world

For a media company we consolidated existing social media presences by 30% and added two new channels which allowed a 15% audience growth across addressed target groups in the fist year.





Automate Marketing

Do your customers get the right mesage at the fitting moment from you?

No one likes to going fishing for information where s/he paid money but rather be pro-actively informed. With more information sharing and communication possiblities, every company puts some focus on automating these communication tasks, to adequately cover customers information needs.


We help you to centralize your data so that automated customer communications become possible (based on their interests, past purchases ,etc.) for offers, NPS surveys, delivery updates or loyalty specials.

Automate Marketing
How does this interact with the already existing IT landscape?

With your specialists we check what can be combined ensuring a modular, secure, cloud based, high performance approach and set-up for flexible future replacements.


With a target architecture the data strucutre needs to be defined as well - where will which data be held and to support which customer process/product.


We ensure that your customers get the best experience and you the max data transparency.

—  Name, Title

How we could help in the real world

For food sector start-up, sales contact and activity tracking was initiated in the salescloud within 3 months and the setup of the first automated marketing messages (satisfaction surveys, newsletter and promotion emails) after 4 months.





Set Up Your Digital Shop

Can your customers shop with you as easily as with Amazon?

Customer expectation is shaped by companies like Amazon which has over years entered new business areas and taking traditional purchase experiences to the digital arena successfully.

Therefore it is vital for every business to make all products and services available for purchase/rental/reservation/testing/exploration, etc. in an easy and fun way.

Our expertise is to work out what the digital value add and experience is that your customers want from your products and services.

Set Up Your Digital Shop
Do digital channels canibalize my traditional sales channels?

Yes they do. The digital channels do in part take away from the traditional channels, but that is a given condition that cannot be changed.


The question is not if the digital channels canabilize but rather, will you let others grab that digital market share and highjack your customers or will you?


We work to secure you a growing digital market share.

How we could help in the real world

Relaunch in Austria of one the country's top 10 downloaded apps within 7 months from RFP, contact negotiations, tech and UX design, implementation, test and live push to all users.


TOP 10

Work Efficient Digitally

Does the way you work allow you to be as fast as Google?

Working digitally means enhancing any information exchange with the best suitable tool - from idea generation, to planning/update sessions and decision making meetings.


Taking decisions faster is the key factor that changes. With better information sharing and physical presence not being the key factor anymore, any process that necessitates a decision can become tremendously faster.


Why is that so important? Because companies that work digitally efficiently become enormously faster at anything they do!

Work Efficient Digitally
There are so many tools — we cannot change all the time — so how to manage that?

For different types of activity and information sharing, there are always various tools available.


Trying out several within different teams and then decide together on one standard is usually best. The key is to be  decide if the value add of the tool is worth changing the behaviour and processes.


We work with your teams to identify the activities and  information to take digital, test and validate the value output if adopted and the cost of the changed behaviour and processes.

—  Name, Title

How we could help in the real world

We helped a SaaS supplier team managing ingestion processes and quality management to increase their team capacity by 30% through digital work restucturing and adaption of processes.



Are you ready to make your digital business excel?

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