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Amithena is your digital expansion agency
that works along leading brands across Europe

Sharpen your digital business for an excellent future — that is what we are here for.

The common things expected from digital experts are good looking presentations, spotlight worthy pilots and possibly a digital strategy proposal. At AMITHENA we aim for a different outcome.

It kicks off with a pragmatic approach and leads to a unique way of running digital business. Pragmatic coupled with multi-lingual is our secret sauce.

We speak classic languages such as German, English or French, but more importantly we are fluent in your Customer language and understand the dialects of your Sales and Marketing teams and know how to translate that into Technology with your 'techies'.

It's intense and takes time, but it is important for us that no one gets left behind or lost in translation.


AMITHENA is 100% independent and owner managed. We have been working closely with leading brands from the beginning of the era of the internet business.


We know how to achieve the perfect mix of small steps towards a big audacious goal, creativity and technology to obtain business value for you.

We're all set to start with you expanding your digital business to make it a top competitor in the race.

Our secret sauce

Speedy pragmatism coupled with multi-lingual capabilities

We define speed as the capability to take decisions early and fast. Nearly any decision can be changed later (halted, adapted, reverted...), but failing to decide in the first place brings about a stand still and no movement means letting others get ahead.

We live 'pragmatic' as a way of working with our feet on the ground to remain steadfast, but with the freedom to decide when it is time to take off and be bold and just do it... without being reckless.


We use our multilingual capabilities to always build and evolve a customer centric business with all stakeholders.

Balacing when to build fast for the now and when to start now but build for the long term. Bringing together different understandings and expectations to focus on  the customer needs.

Successful, competitive and fun

Enjoy good vibes while working with us.

Amithena UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

München, Deutschland


+49 175 822 22 63

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