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Data Analytics

Can you rely on your reports and analyses?

Our goal is to help you make faster, more informed decisions for greater business success!


The top priority: A clear vision and action plan to make the data usable so that you always have relevant answers at hand when you need them!

Data Analytics

How we could help

For an online shop, 20 daily key figures set up company-wide in three months: sales, shopping cart, new and returning customers, fully automated, with assured data quality and


1-click dashboards for operational teams and management

5 KPIs

With heavy machinery maintenances across Europe, how can I better ensure costs and timely implementation?


With KPI dashboards, we give you transparency about every euro invested, so that you can decide on follow-up measures on a daily basis.


We define with your teams the circumstances and conditions so that warning messages cab be sent to various stakeholders via TeamsChat, email or SMS.

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Executing the digital transformation

Are you and your team as fast as Google with your working methods and processes?

Working efficiently digitally means making decisions quickly.


Digital platforms/software allow information to be shared in full. This means that processes and procedures can be digitized and decisions can be made earlier and virtually.

Personal presence is therefore no longer the key factor and companies that work efficiently digitally are ENORMOUSLY faster in all decisions and their "time to market".

Digitale Abläufe aufsetzen

Exécuter la transformation numérique

How does such a system interact with our existing IT landscape?

With an architectural vision that has a modular, high-performance, cloud-based and replaceable approach for the future and that focuses on the data structure .

We ensure that your customers get the best digital experience and that you have maximum data transparency.

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KI & Gen-AI

Do you know where you want to use artificial intelligence profitably ?

Identifying a pilot project and implementing it quickly (with budgets under 10k) to ensure feasibility and to be able to calculate a reliable business case is the first key.

Automating simple processes is the best starting point without directly influencing the business or touching strategic information.


How we could help

In the railway sector, we have implemented pilot projects for AI-supported maintenance (Google Glass, Hololens,...), which is used to certify important workshop partners and has reduced downtime by days.





Marketing automation

Do you notify your customers at their preferred time?

Nobody wants to have to follow up on something they have paid money for, but wants to be informed proactively. With more information and channels, every company is interested in automating certain communication tasks.

We help you to automatically send appropriate messages, such as offers, delivery updates, customer satisfaction inquiries, loyalty offers, etc.

Marketing automatisieren
What is the effort involved in running all these channels in parallel?

A few hours per week are usually enough. We structure your available time and planning for you in order to manage all channels.


We identify and automate the activities that are suitable for this and create capacity in the team.

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How we could help

For a start-up in online retail, sales management was initiated in the CRM tool (3 months) and based on this, the online shop was connected and automated mailings were initiated (satisfaction NPS questionnaire, newsletter, promotion, emails - 4 months)





Setup of online shop

Can your customers shop with you as easily as they can with Amazon?

Customer expectations are set by companies like Amazon, which are successfully entering new industries and redefining the shopping experience .


Products and services (including B2B) must be available digitally in order to win customers in the long term.


Our expertise is setting up shops where the digital added value of your products and the customer experience are the focus .

Online Shop aufsetzen
Are digital channels cannibalizing traditional ones?

Yes they do. This is an established fact.

The question is not whether digital channels are cannibalizing, but rather whether you allow others to take over digital market share and your customers , or whether you take over other people's customers?


We work to ensure your digital market share grows.

How we could help

From 12+ pages and channels consolidated to 4-5 central pages, each available on 3 channels with newly defined topic structure per page resulting in more than 100% follower growth in 15 months


TOP 10

There are so many applications - we can't keep switching - how to deal with it?

Trying out several applications with different teams and then deciding on a standard is usually the best thing to do.


What is important is whether the application can properly support the newly defined digital processes.


We test and validate the results and evaluate and track the costs of adapting processes and behavior.

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How we could help

We were able to help a SaaS team achieve 30% more team capacity by basing the processes and quality management on digitally re-aligned work processes.



Are you ready to digitally grow your business?

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